Prospects of studying abroad as an exchange student

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Student exchange programs enable students a unique experience of studying abroad, it can seem thrilling and a bit scary, however, whether you are American going to a foreign country, or a foreigner, coming to America, you will experience a completely new and unique way of life.

Although experiences overseas can be different to everyone, the most common themes are that their experience is a memorable one, and that is enriching. You could discover what another country has in store for you, by visiting it and having your own adventure.

Vitoria Marocci, an international student, was awarded a scholarship to play soccer.
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Last year Vitoria Marocci came to America to study as a student exchange study, and moved to Roseburg in September 2021 from San Paulo, Brazil.

Of all the places to move to, why Roseburg? Umpqua Community College was a favorite choice, chosen because her hometown was like Roseburg, the similarities were that it is also a small town, also there is a zoo there, and in her hometown, you play sports, in particular Basketball and Soccer.

Vitoria found the student exchange Roseburg UCC opportunity online, and spoke with the Soccer coach last year, and with help applying from an agent, she chose UCC, Vitoria got an offer for a scholarship to play soccer.

What Vitoria misses the most now she is not in her hometown of San Paulo, Brazil, is her family, friends, and the food.

Vitoria sums up what she likes best about UCC, “the campus is pretty, and the unique people treat you well, they want you to experience the best here, they are so helpful.”

Asked what advice you want to give others who want to do the travel you have done? Vitoria describes in an animated voice, “I recommend it, it’s a great experience, you can grow, personally, mindfully, and you can meet incredible people that will always be a part of your life.”

Vitoria most difficult change here and what she struggled with the most was, the Language barrier. Because Portuguese is her first language. And if she is homesick, she calls family, “my teammates are good, and staff is supportive.”

To overcome any homesickness Vitoria calls family staying connected with news from back home.

Students could come from all different countries, Russia, Jamacia, England, Poland, Australia, and Brazil, just to name a portion.

Mr. Pitman, Vice President of Student Services, said, “with the students in the student exchange program, a number come for Athletics, another amount come for programs that are hard to find, and a certain amount for other programs. “

The marketing is both external and internal, regarding marketing, Mr. Pitman said; “With internal marketing it is community focused, and some Athletes are from outside Douglas County.”

Not knowing what to expect but excited for what lies ahead

There are many benefits for taking part in a student exchange program, the list can be endless, there are so many experiences, that could make your head spin, you will experience different cultures, meet new friends, help employment opportunities, networking connections, experiences different schools and their approaches to education, you could learn a new language, take part in local activities, trying different foods, taking part in a different way of life that will give you a different and great understanding of customs, traditions, history, celebrating holidays and experiences, open to new ideas, by visiting other countries, this could change your worldview and give you a different outlook by learning different perspectives.

Vitoria is currently a sophomore, set to Graduate in 2023 and transfer to a university here. Her goal is to, quote: – “be a P.E teacher, or an Athlete trainer, or to help people, and honor God. “

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