Editor’s Note: The contents within this article are the opinion of the editor and staff. Overwhelmed, overworked and over it. The stress of working several jobs, attending college and juggling social responsibilities during a pandemic with inconsistent guidelines and a plethora of virus mutations is a vigorous hardship on students’Continue Reading

Graduation ceremony information for graduating students UCC’s  57th graduation ceremony on Friday, June 11 will again be a bit untraditional; the graduation ceremony will take place in students’ cars.  The carmencement, a drive-thru graduation, starts at 6 p.m.; however, students need to arrive at 5 p.m. to line up.  LastContinue Reading

UCC offers students job information and resources to decrease student unemployment at job fair Find a summer job that will pay tuition and class fees. Since last year’s layoffs due to COVID-19, businesses are struggling to find employees.  UCC Job Placement Coordinator Inez Orozco says, “It is a challenge forContinue Reading

After 4 months of assessing cost and damage, UCC sends out bids for landslide repair The construction process to rebuild part of UCC’s gym area parking lot and hillside has yet to start after a landslide occurred Jan. 6. The bidding process to find a contractor has just begun with construction anticipatedContinue Reading

New UCC president selected in announcement  Upon President Debra Thatcher’s retirement, UCC welcomes the 12th president, Rachel Pokrandt. The Board of Education announced Pokrandts election on April 16 via UCC’s Facebook page.  UCC Board of Education Chair Steve Loosley ran the Facebook live and acknowledged students, staff and others with theirContinue Reading

Search for next UCC president comes to an end Three presidential candidates remain as UCC’s Board of Education’s months of searching comes to an end. Current UCC President, Debra Thatcher is retiring June 30. To fill her position, UCC’s Board of Education will soon select one of three possible candidates: Ryan Melton, Rachel PokrandtContinue Reading

New Technical Help: Making life easier for UCC students and staff Substantial student and staff resources will be coming to help make remote learning easier. UCC has been informed that funds will be available from the Coronavirus Aid, Recovery, and Economic Security Act (CARES), the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplement AppropriationsContinue Reading