After 4 months of assessing cost and damage, UCC sends out bids for landslide repair

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Jess Miller anticipates these construction plans to be implemented starting June 17.
Plans created by Pinnacle Engineering, Inc.
Photo provided by Umpqua Community College

After 4 months of assessing cost and damage, UCC sends out bids for landslide repair

The construction process to rebuild part of UCC’s gym area parking lot and hillside has yet to start after a landslide occurred Jan. 6. The bidding process to find a contractor has just begun with construction anticipated to begin June 17. 

Before construction could start, the landslide required an engineer consultation. The engineer representing the project and the project manager is Pinnacle Engineering, Inc. who estimated $636,000 in repair and equipment.

Pinnacle Engineering, Inc. has also created construction plans.

UCC Director of Facilities and Security Jess Miller is overseeing the whole project. Since the beginning, Miller has been active in the project working to find an engineer and now a contractor. 

Currently, no contractor exists for the project, but the process to find one has started as UCC created an Invitation to Bid, ITB. The ITB was released April 22 and will be closing for potential contractors on May 11 at 2 p.m. The chosen bidder will be announced the week of May 17. 

The ITB shows all rules the bidders must pertain to, items needed for the project, qualifications for the bidder, definitions of keywords, anticipating dates and guidelines, payment methods and more.

This steep decline portrays the original look of the landslide at UCC.
Photo provided by The Mainstream

In the Facebook Live Board of Education meeting on April 14, Chief Financial Officer Natalya Brown proposed a request that the Board of Education approves “for the transfer of appropriation in the amount of $636,000 from the general fund contingency to general fund college Support Services to allow for the repairs and stabilization of the landslide.” 

The number $636,000, while substantial, is just an estimate that the engineer came up with and may fluctuate.

UCC made an insurance claim, but with no luck. “We were unable to cover the cost with the insurance because the insurance does not cover land,” Brown said. 

Executive Assistant to the President and Board Robynne Wilgus said, “Funding is still being pursued through the legislature to cover the expense.”

However, Brown said, “Unfortunately, we are unable to wait for legislative action because they might not decide until past July or August on whether they will have funding for us.” The landslide is a safety risk. “We are not really in a position to wait; this approval will allow us to start the bidding process for the work.”

Because the project has yet to start construction or designate a contractor, the estimation for the project may come back higher. “Depending on the amount, (the appeal) will come back to (the board). This is just what will allow us to start the bidding process,” Brown said, “Once we have the request come back to us, we will contact the board for approval and acceptance of the actual appeal.”

In response to Brown’s appeal during the meeting, UCC Board of Education chair Steve Loosley said, “Do not let the board hold up the award of the contract. This job will be a lot more attractive to the contractor if they can get right to work this spring.”

Loosley agreed that the project priority at this time is high because of the safety risk. “We will have an emergency board meeting to actually approve the contract to allow them to get started,” Loosely said. 

Currently, the anticipated substantial project completion date is Sept. 3 with the final project completion date Sept. 17. 

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