Outstanding Students: dedicated students appreciated in an annual event

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Man in a blue shirt and black slacks faces the right smiles as he puts the award lanyard on another man. The second man stands to the right with his head slightly bowed. He is holding a green folder in his left hand with the same arm holding his toddler. His right hand is holding a baseball cap.
Brandon Flynn (right) is presented the award for Outstanding Student in Online Computer Information Systems/ Cybersecurity Student (first-year) by John Blackwood (left)

The Outstanding Student Award celebrates the progress of students who have dedicated themselves above and beyond their academic pursuits, helping contribute to UCC and the greater Umpqua community.

Students who have a concentrated focus on their goals or show interest that aligns with the award are on the first step to being potential candidates. The Outstanding Student Award goes above just the pursuits the student may have at UCC, with staff and faculty on the lookout for students that show a significant level of growth in their creativity, a high degree of participation in events or activities held by the college departments, and contributions to organizations outside of UCC.

Further criteria for the award are also based on additional points that staff configure by department for accomplishments such as high grades, good performance in labs, overall attitude in class, being a good member of a team, and helping students study or solve problems.

75 students from different departments were nominated and received certificates and honor regalia at the Swanson Amphitheater event May 31, with the event having lasted from 3:30 to 5 pm as certificates and medals were given.

One of those awarded was Jacob Perry. Joining the college in 2008, Perry took a break from his academic pursuits in 2010 to focus on his mental health until returning to UCC in 2020. With a computer science career, Perry plans to transfer to OSU where he wishes to help and tutor. β€œ[UCC] has provided me with opportunities to explore various fields of study, encouraged critical thinking, and fostered a sense of community,” Perry said.

Student stands on the left facing her instructor. She is wearing a multicolored blouse and is holding a green folder. He is wearing a blue shirt holding up award pendant.  He is wearing glasses and smiling. Another person stands off to the side of them.
Amaryah Vara (left) presented the Outstanding Student Award by John Blackwood. Robin Bailey / The Mainstream

Amaryah Vara, another student awarded, is pursuing a major in computer information Systems. Vera is an active member of campus life due to her participation in several clubs and within ASUCC. Enduring despite several obstacles in her way, earning her nomination through dedication to both her schoolwork and to the several communities she is a part of to make sure that all voices are heard. β€œI shared my challenges and helped other students persevere through their own obstacles.”

After the award ceremony several of the students were approached and questioned about how they felt about receiving this honor.

Two men shake hands. One stands on the right wearing dark sunglasses and wearing the award pendant.  Behind them is a woman who is smiling. They are all wearing casual clothes and bright green tassels decorate the wall behind them.
George Humphry (right) presented the Outstanding Student award in Outstanding Student in Human Services (2nd Year) by Alexander Jardon and Alexandra Olsen. Mason Ramirez

George Humphry (Outstanding Student in Human Services – 2nd Year) – β€œI feel proud. Alex Olsen and Alex Jardon took me under their wings and gave me the opportunity to give back to the community.”

Luis Flores (Outstanding Student in Principles of Biology) – β€œI feel good.”

Flance Gomez (Outstanding Student in 2nd year Welding) – β€œI feel proud about showing off my hard work.”

Anna Bozovich (Theatre Arts) – β€œI feel proud and fulfilled.”

Ana Carolina Augusto (Psychology) – β€œI feel honored and privileged, especially since I was given this award by my favorite teacher.”

Though the event has finished there is still the chance for students to show themselves as potential candidates through dedication and hard work in the coming semester, becoming outstanding students by actions taken on campus and in the community.

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