As students work through courses each term, they often are so focused on the course requirements and that the opportunity to connect with instructors is often missed. Research shows, however, that students who establish connections with instructors and faculty within their institutions perform better in social and academic settings. SomeContinue Reading

A new partnership with Bushnell University has opened the opportunity for UCC psychology majors to complete their bachelor’s degree in Douglas County. UCC faculty, along with faculty from Bushnell University, were concerned that there was no way for a student with an AAOT earned at UCC to finish their degree without makingContinue Reading

All ASUCC student government positions are open for the upcoming spring term election . Applications for senator and leadership seats must be submitted by May 6, 2022. ASUCC develops, organizes and executes the events, activities and outreach available on-campus. Student government is aimed at improving the quality of life for students and is a frontline accessContinue Reading

While UCC often provides basic resources for students in need such as school supplies, hygiene items and food boxes, many students’ necessities and desires go unfulfilled. Luckily retailers recognize the struggles of most college students and have developed discounts giving students a well-deserved financial break. Many companies, both locally and nationally, offer discounts, special rates and promotions designed specifically forContinue Reading

UCC is hiring two new vice presidents; one for academic services and one for student services. The college’s current president, Rachel Pokrandt, is choosing to return to the traditional VP administration structure instead of the previous provost structure that combined these two positions under president Debra Thatcher. A hiring committeeContinue Reading