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Hayden Haydonhoschouer, an engineering student, stands next to Behlke Flower, business administration major behind the information desk as peer navigators. Mason Ramirez / The Mainstream

Jobs are available on campus for students needing extra income, with no financial aid eligibility requirement.

Finding these jobs on campus won’t be an intuitive process for most students as campus job listings are a bit difficult to find, and most students don’t know about them. These are job listings posted by the campus for the campus, they do not fall under the federal aid and work study job eligibility requirements.

They are posted on the main UCC website, under the top right tab that says “Jobs.” Scroll down and select the “Employment Opportunities” bar, then under “Explore our Opportunities” heading, select the “Students” heading. A page will open with 10 jobs currently listed.

Most of the jobs contain the word “pool” with the job description. The word “pool” simply means applicants are chosen from a list as jobs become available.

Jobs start at $13.20 an hour and can go up to 19 hours a week. Listings include CIS assistant, peer navigator, and helpdesk support; there is a little of everything. 

Ann Abel, Financial Aid, Veterans and Work Study specialist, shows job opportunities on the UCC website. Mason Ramirez / The Mainstream

Students needing assistance with navigating the website to the listings can reach out to Ann Abel, UCC’s financial aid, veteran and work-study specialist located in the Campus Center. Interested students should apply online, and if they need help with the application process contact Emily Warren, Human Resources Onboarding Assistant. Students should thoroughly read the job description, and if they have a job specific question, they should speak with the department listed on the job posting.

“It’s a good idea if you apply for one of these positions to introduce yourself to the head of that department,” suggests Abel. “It puts a name to a face.” 

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