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Graduation Time is Near!
Reporter Rebecca Hallgrimson offers some very important information about filing for graduation. Watch the Video
UCC Contra Dance
The first ever school wide contra dance is happening at Umpqua Community College on Wednesday, May 22 from 6:30-9:00 pm in the cafeteria! Read More


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The Mainstream is a designated student forum written to promote the activities, events, and interests of UCC. Its primary focus is on hard news relating to campus events or personnel, especially as students are affected, but features, art work and poetry may be accepted. Any opinions or art presented in The Mainstream do not represent the viewpoint of this newspaper or UCC.

Campus News

Whitewater rafting on the Emerald Jewel

The North Umpqua River, the lifeblood of this community, flows from its source at Maidu Lake beneath Mt. Thielsen and  winds its way to Winchester Bay, all the while staying within the confines of Douglas County, making it truly our river. Full Story


Oregon students rally for higher education

Over 500 students from community colleges and universities across the state gathered in Salem April 25 for the Oregon Student Rally for Higher Education. Full Story


Schultz retires after 15 years of service

Some people wear their heart on their sleeves; others wear their personality in a hat. Professor Suzanne Schultz, known on campus for wearing vintage hats almost every day, uses her wardrobe as an example of individualism. Full Story


Universities require vaccine records

Most public universities in Oregon require students to provide official medical immunizations records, Measles, Mumps and Rubella. Students who plan to transfer to any four year college or university can plan on being asked for up-to-date vaccine records. Full Story


New program to help UCC avoid financial aid sanctions

UCC is still struggling to get a grip on the financial chaos caused by student loans which haven’t been repaid. The current student loan default rate is 23.9 percent, up a substantial amount from the 17.5 percent in 2011-2012. Full Story


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Workout destinations on campus

Warm, spring weather is here, and with it brings more outdoor activities and more students wanting to become physically fit. UCC has several fitness facilities available on campus to students looking to reach their fitness goals. Full Story


Flash Fiction February: First Place Story

Most of the time, being a zombie is wicked awesome.  I don’t need to worry about zits because I don’t have much of a face left. Full Story


Poetry Contest Winners

Winners of The Mainstream poetry contest are Samantha Hansen, Teresa Thresher, and Richard Dye. First place winner is Samantha Hansen. Second goes to Teresa Thresher and Richard Dye. Full Story


Not All Milk Is Created Equal

Milk, high in proteins and calcium, is beneficial to muscle and bone maintenance. Casein and whey are a couple of the most prevalent proteins found in milk. Full Story


Fishy safety for Texas plant

On April 17 at 7:50 p.m. a fertilizer plant in West, Texas exploded killing 15 people and wounded 200 others. Twenty minutes before, a mysterious fire started at the plant which firefighters responded to but failed to contain. Citizens barely had enough time to escape the blast. Full Story


Do we all trust in God?

Since America’s beginning its citizens have been saying “under God” in the pledge of allegiance and printing “in God we trust” on paper currency. It has always been this way because we are a nation of God. Right? Full Story


Oregon May Dump The Electoral College

Oregon legislators are currently attempting to change the way electoral votes are awarded to presidential candidates. House Bill 3077 would enter Oregon into a compact with other states to change U.S. Presidential elections from the current Electoral College system to a national popular vote. Full Story


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UCC Sports

Coach Profile: Lacy Pinard

Coach Lacy Pinard was born and raised in the Roseburg area. She started playing volleyball at 11 years of age. Early in her volleyball career, Pinard attended UCC volleyball camps and was inspired by the instructor, Cheryl Yoder. Full Story


Coach Profile: Dave Stricklin

Coach Dave Stricklin was born in 1958. His father was a standout basketball player at Seattle University. After Stricklin’s father accepted a coaching job in Orange County, Stricklin grew up in Southern California. Full Story


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