3 new student housing options for rent in Roseburg

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The Flegel Center, now called the Hawk’s Nest, offers students housing options in Roseburg. Three more buildings have been approved to the school for rent to students in Downtown Roseburg.
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Suitable housing is one of the biggest challenges students face as part of their college journey. UCC has recently purchased three new buildings in Downtown Roseburg.

In the UCC Invests in Students and Downtown Roseburg press release, students can find where they can reside: “The college has been renting the former Flegel Center, now named the Hawk’s Nest, on Oak Street, since 2019 and will take ownership and continue to improve the building. It will also renovate and create housing in the old Newberry’s department store on Jackson Street, previously the home of Redeemers Bible Fellowship, and also renovate a third building, the old Post Office at the corner of Cass and Stephens which is currently unoccupied.”

On top of that, UCC has constructed a Strategic Plan for 2023 through 2026 that addresses housing: “(UCC added 150) beds to the UCC inventory and added non-traditional student housing opportunities.”

Board of Education Member Erica Mills

“Roseburg has already enjoyed the benefits of having students living downtown which provides the opportunity for them to shop at local businesses and volunteer for events. We believe almost 100 additional students will continue to help with economic and cultural vibrancy as well as ensure our students have somewhere to live while they learn,” commented Dr. Rachel Pokrandt, President of UCC.

The UCC board, in their April 12 meeting, also approved resolution 14. In this meeting, Natalya Brown, chief financial officer, explained that resolution 14 allows the college to enter into agreements to purchase new property for UCC. The property will be used for student housing and other uses as embedded in the strategic plan.

Board of Education Member Guy Kennerly moved to approve the resolution, Board of Education Member Erica Mills seconded it, and it was unanimously approved.

Currently, UCC offers five different buildings for housing with 136 spots for students, according to the college’s website.

Board of Education Member Guy Kennerly

The first of these locations is Hawk’s Landing located at 1199 NE Grandview Drive in Roseburg. According to the UCC website, “This building houses up to 55 female students. This residence hall resembles dorm style housing. Many rooms have jack and jill bathrooms while others resort to sharing communal bathroom and shower spaces. Residents sign up for their laundry times, have organized fridge and pantry space as well as shared cleaning duties throughout each term.”

The Hawks Nest, 1034 SE Oak Ave., is very similar to Hawks Landing but for male students. This building was rented by UCC until April 24 when UCC purchased the Flegel Center. This building houses the same amount of students as Hawks Landing but “resembles dorm-style housing in a barrack style fashion with communal bathroom and shower spaces,” according to the UCC website. “There are a few private rooms throughout the space. Residents have laundry on site, have organized fridge and pantry space as well as share cleaning duties throughout each term.”

Rent per month is around $465 a month with a $300 deposit.

Both of the locations offer two work-study positions.

The Jackson St. Apartments are located at 744 SE Jackson St. in Roseburg and house up to 11 students. These are individual apartments with shared kitchens, bathrooms, showers and laundry. The rent is $465 a month.

The Kohlhagen Apartments are located at 911 SE Lane Ave in Roseburg and may house 22 students. These apartments have very little shared space except for the workout area and the laundry facility. The rent is $1000 a month with a $300 deposit.

Lastly are the Main St. Apartments located at 624 SE Main St. in Roseburg.

This apartment unit has two bedrooms which house two students each and costs $500 a month.

To apply for UCC housing, fill out the application to get started.

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