UCC students, first-time renters can be approved with preparation

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First-time renters are competing currently with previous homeowners, due to extremes within this housing market, to get a rental agreement approved. Preparing ahead of time will greatly increase the chances of getting approved.

“Preparing documents beforehand will greatly reduce the stress involved in the rental application process,” Michelle Dellit says. Dellit works at the Housing Authority of Douglas County where she helps veterans and others find housing opportunities.

In order to apply for rentals, applicants must upload or provide physical copies containing all the required information. Any problems with the information provided will hold up the entire process. “Knowing what information is needed is important,” Dellit says. Renters should carefully explore requirements on the agencies’ websites.  

The most common documents required for first-time renters are a photocopy of valid ID, social security number, proof of income, one to five references, any rental history, job history, and a valid payment method as outlined by Apartmentguide.com. After the required documents have been collected, applicants can easily apply this information to any future applications.

Renters can apply through individual property owners, property management groups or housing support agencies.

Renting from individuals such as family, friends, or private landlords can lead to unexpected consequences. Ensure that a rental agreement is made and keep copies to protect your rights.

Many people choose to use property management because applications are applied to multiple properties as soon as they open up. Centerpoint Property Management (CPM) and Rouge REAL ESTATE, local property management groups, support Roseburg and the surrounding areas.

Rental companies typically run a credit check after the application is submitted.

Once the applicant is approved for a rental, they will be given an opportunity to view the apartment. If they decide to take the rental, they must provide proof of rental insurance, and vehicle make, model and registration of their vehicle for parking. Renters must also update pet information, including proof of vaccination and county registration.

The last thing that renters need to do is update utilities to their name. Renters in different areas or rental agreements will be responsible for paying utilities outlined through the rental agreement. Some rental agreements include utilities in monthly rent. Utilities often include gas, electric, water, sewer and waste removal (trash).

Instead of applying to the first rental that you see, renters should consider some factors starting with a budget. Budgets allow renters to view only properties in their price range. Consider location carefully if you have a choice. What is transportation like? What stores are available within walking distance? Can you afford gas if you need to commute? Will you need a roommate?

Competition is going to be tough in the housing market for a while because more people are renting for all sorts of reasons. Previous homeowners have sold their houses and are waiting for new houses or the market to fall again.

Renters should also keep in mind that pandemic relief is coming to an end. As of March 1, the eviction moratorium finished, so landlords are legally allowed to evict tenants who are past due on rent which may cause some turnover.

All UCC students can apply for housing; however, the application process heavily supports individuals participating in the UCC athletic programs. UCC is attempting to support students who have traveled to attend school here because they have had to transition to a new area often leaving their homes behind. UCC offers a couple of areas for student housing in the Roseburg area including the Flegel building and the former Casa de Belen building. Further information can be viewed on the UCC housing page.

If anyone is in dire need of housing, housing support agencies are available through federal and state organizations. Ucan, Neighbor Works Umpqua and Housing Authority of Douglas County are all places that support the local area. They can help individuals prepare documents, find low-income housing and even help with the rental process.

Lastly, any veterans who are experiencing difficulties with their living situation can contact the Veteran Affairs Office and request support. The VA has a couple of different options available to help veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. More information can be found on the VA website under VA Housing Assistance.

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