ASUCC prepares for next year with elections for the 2022-20223 student leadership team

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The Associated Students of Umpqua Community College leadership team is currently holding elections for officer positions. ASUCC plans and executes weekly events on campus, confers with planning committees and actively influences the campus learning environment. Known as student government, this collective of students is responsible for the myriad of activities and resources available to students.

ASUCC President Amanda Cerda, UCC President Rachel Pokrandt and ASUCC Public Relations Officer Anthony Gordon gather in Jackson Hall for a weekly meeting.
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Applications for the 2022-2023 team are open, and the deadline was extended from May 6 to the present deadline of May 13. However, some exceptions for later applications can be made for those still interested in participation. Online voting polls will be open from May 16 to May 23. 

“We started the process a little later than usual,” Dexter Patching, ASUCC vice-president says via email. “Due to starting a little later, we decided it was only fair to push the deadline back another week. This will also allow more students to have the chance to get involved.”

Students with at least a 2.0 GPA and taking at least three credits are eligible to apply for officer positions. Online applications for ASUCC can be found in the Hawk Hangout. One of the application requirements, listed in the Hawk Hangout, is collecting 25 signatures in support of their candidacy.

 “Prospective candidates can start working on their applications and attend at least two board meetings to get a feel for what they’re getting into,” Patching says. “They can also start working on getting signatures from other students to nominate them as a candidate.” 

ASUCC team members plan to have a table located at the compass in the center of campus during voting week with refreshments and voting reminders. Donuts and root beer floats will be served to remind students “do-nut forget to vote” and encourage “floats for votes.”

Why join the ASUCC team?

Nakaela Hunt, ASUCC business manager, smiles as she explains an upcoming school event at the weekly student leadership meeting.
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“There are a lot of perks to being in student leadership,” Patching says. “We get the chance to really be involved on the campus and create the campus environment that we want to see.

“We also get to attend college councils and task forces, where our voices are heard and our opinions matter. On top of this we also get a 12 credit tuition waiver, or honorarium, every term,” Patching says.

The 12 credit tuition waiver and offices in the student center are offered to ASUCC executive council members including president, vice-president, activities manager, business manager and public relations officer positions. These positions work for twelve hours a week for the student leadership team. Senator positions receive pay for six credits, three to be paid at the start of term and three credits paid at the end of every term served.

Student leadership officers contribute to the flow of life on campus. Aside from planning events and serving on planning councils to offer student input, ASUCC is responsible for services that help students in need. Officers regularly make and provide service bags to students including a variety of school supplies, hygiene products, gas cards and food vouchers depending on student needs.

ASUCC leadership team members also get valuable paid training over the summer, invites to leadership conferences and networking opportunities, all of which help plump up resumes and curriculum vitae for those who intend to transfer.

Amanda Cerda helps a student in her office located in the student center.
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“My favorite part of being in ASUCC has probably been getting to know the staff of UCC and learning how decisions are made in the college’s governance structure,” Patching says.

Being out-going or extroverted is not a requirement; Patching urges students who are interested to avoid letting shyness stop them from getting involved.

“I tend to be introverted myself, but I encourage students to not let that hold them back. My advice is to reach out to current team members, and get to know some of us,” Patching says. “Then we can help you through the process and show you all the best ways to raise support for your position. Everyone has something to offer on this team, and each position has unique roles.”

For more information or questions on ASUCC elections visit the Hawk Hangout on canvas or contact ASUCC advisor

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