ASUCC fee reimbursements: What remaining fees provide for students

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ASUCC fee reimbursements:
What remaining fees provide for students

Every term, fees are collected as part of tuition, allowing all students access to services and activities provided by the Associated Students of Umpqua Community College, ASUCC.  Students have been issued some refunds through account credits for certain programs postponed due to COVID-19. The remaining revenue continues to provide Student Services for all UCC students.

According to the ASUCC mission statement, the organization’s purpose is to “provide representation of student interests, needs and well-being within Umpqua Community College through a model of governance which provides for student support and engagement.” 

The ASUCC fund has decreased significantly from what it was last year.
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The organization also “keeps students informed about administrative or legislative policies that directly affect students, foster community through campus activities and provides opportunities for student leadership skill development. ASUCC plans and produces activities aimed toward enriching the campus experience for the students and to promote school spirit. These activities range from educational to just for fun and from small scale to very large events.”

Refunds for some student activity fees began summer term and other fees have been reduced throughout terms where on campus instruction is canceled. For example, student insurance fees for student protection are no longer being charged, but these kinds of fees are something students can expect to see larger universities charge upon student transfer. All unused revenue is going to fund future ASUCC programs.

The remaining fees charged per credit fund active programs and services still available to students. Overall, ASUCC revenue is currently $10,000 less than what was available this time last year.

ASUCC fees are broken down into 5 categories including legacy fees, student resources fee, instructional fee, registration fee and student insurance fee.

The legacy fee is $8 per credit. Currently, the fee contributes to the repayment of the Health and Nursing Sciences Building. Once the construction fees have been satisfied, the legacy fee will go towards other building needs. 

Institutional fees are $7 and cover the cost of lecture and online coursework while registration fees are $25 and cover the cost of student registration.

The student resources fee is $14 per credit and the revenue is divided by 11 categories. The $14 is shared among programs such as student activities, tech fee, student success fee, student life fee, The Mainstream and sports like volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball. Most of the fees under student resources pay for information and software technologies for the campus and Student Services. For more information contact ASUCC at (541) 440-4600, visit the ASUCC services page or ASUCC Facebook page.

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