Reporting sexual harassment or misconduct is hard, no matter how warranted the claim may be. One of the reasons may be a lack of understanding about the processes that take place once a claim is made. For sexually assaulted college students, no template or standard response for claims exists –asContinue Reading

The musical, set in 1950s Chicago, has an abstract feel right down to the set design. “I wanted to honor ‘50s Chicago,” Director of Theater Stephanie Newman says. “These are kids who think they’re rock stars, but they’re just rough city folk.” The show’s main characters, Danny and Sandy, metContinue Reading

Priscila Lopez, ASUCC senator and Spanish Club representative, developed a profound respect for her family and heritage at an early age. One of three children born to immigrant parents, she had a first-hand view of the difficulties Hispanic Americans face and the determination that is required to overcome them. “MyContinue Reading

   There is little to nothing that the director of student services thinks she “has” to do. She does, however, “get” to do exactly what she loves with exuberance.     April Hamlin doesn’t proceed through her days with of a sense of obligation, but rather a buoyant joy, theContinue Reading

Students who have exchanged a wave, smile or otherwise acknowledged the security officers on campus likely have done so with Harvey Day. Among his colleagues, Day has been a security officer at UCC the longest, having started here in February of 2011. Raised in California, Day’s path to his positionContinue Reading

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Students who pass through the Student Center on their way to the cafeteria, the TRiO program, Veterans Services, ASUCC, the peer mentors program or other services most likely don’t realize they are walking right through an office. “I have the biggest office on campus,” Diana Kelly says, waving an armContinue Reading

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Starting this summer, a 12 credit student might expect to pay an additional $36 in tuition and fees per term. An increase of $3 per credit was a unanimous, though tentative, decision reached by the UCC Board of Trustees on Wednesday, April 12. A second reading of the tuition increaseContinue Reading

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When the words “…should talk to a therapist” or “…should really see someone about this” enter a conversation, it may sound more of a condemnation than practical advice to many of us. “This isn’t a thoughtful recommendation of a valid path to health, it’s an insult,” said Ryan Howes, Ph.D.Continue Reading

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Note: Information and extracts from The Washington Post, New York Times and the Guardian Hundreds of scientists recently gathered in Boston’s Copley Square to rally against what they say is a “direct attack” on research and facts by the new Republican administration. Though specific calls to action were not madeContinue Reading

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The Ellucian Degree Works database has been one of the improvements added to the student self-service banner at UCC, funded through the federal 2001 Title III act that helps institutes of higher education expand their capacities to serve students of all income levels. Although this tool was rolled out inContinue Reading

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Students who hear about others studying under scholarships may have the fallacious impression that scholarship programs are only for those with exceptional grades, skills, or circumstances. This idea is not always true. Large sums of money set aside for scholarship programs go unused every year due to lack of applicants.Continue Reading

This is part 2 of the Campus Resources 101 article. See issue 43.2 at which explains services in the student center. Reading, researching and remembering are common threads to students of many fields, and help in these areas is available where a lot of student research information is found;Continue Reading