ASUCC officer Anthony Gordon holds many titles: UCC special events technician, public relations officer, archival videographer and merit award theater student. This coming summer, “UCC graduate” will join that list. (See previous “Mainstream” article featuring Gordon.) Since fall term, Gordon’s work has involved designing the lighting effects for three UCCContinue Reading

UCC’s new three-year strategic “doing” plan, recently presented by President Rachel Pokrandt, takes a three-pronged approach to prosperity: increase opportunity, increase value and focus on the future. “UCC will thrive,” writes Pokrandt; “We proved our ability to change during the pandemic. Let’s harness that ability and speed. The time is now. WeContinue Reading

Editor’s Note: The author has participated in previous UCC plays, one of which is discussed within the article. Although last term Kat Grammon was the only student in theater director Bart McHenry’s Acting 1 course, McHenry’s task to reboot the theater program in a post-pandemic era is slowly getting studentsContinue Reading

Local agencies are beginning efforts to provide seasonal resources to those in need as the nights grow long, temperatures drop, leaves crisp to brilliant vermillion and the holidays approach. At the front of these efforts at UCC are the free Thanksgiving meal basket centerpieces of the ASUCC Leadership Team’s holidayContinue Reading

A bit of a secret, nestled in the curving crook of the Educational Skills Building, sits the offices of the combined programs Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search. At their front desk sits UB and ETS Program Assistant Amanda Cerda: here, she’s a student fulfilling her duties assigned by aContinue Reading

For a campus as small as UCC — where one can walk from one end to the other in less than five minutes — its issues with communication and connectivity are unexpected but ever-present. Many student and staff organizations are trying to change this culture on campus. One such studentContinue Reading

Colleges are required by The Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure equal access for students of all abilities. By these standards, campuses must be architecturally, educationally and systemically accessible for everyone. So how does a school like UCC adapt to shifting needs in accessibility? “It’s called a campus ‘self-evaluation‘ and transition plan,”Continue Reading