Irreplaceable, departing faculty and staff reminisced by students

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Much of UCC’s staff has spent years, if not decades, working directly with students, often more for the desire to help than the paycheck. Since many students rely on staff and faculty’s help and care, retirements and job changes make strong impressions when the inevitable times of change come.

Some UCC staff who are leaving or changing jobs are Marjan Coester, Hanna Culbertson, Destiny Hunt, Mike Matteo and Charles Young. Students were asked to share the impact some of these individuals have had.

“I am sad, but happy for them as well. Charles Young, Hanna and Marjan are all wonderful people, educators, communicators, listeners and leaders,” said ASUCC student government business manager and soon-to-be graduating student Nakaela Hunt in an email. “I’m sure many people who have had them throughout their college experience will miss them. The knowledge and experience they have go deeper than words.”

Charles Young, associate professor of history

Charles Young, associate professor of history, has shared his enthusiasm for world history with UCC students for the past 22 years.
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Young has taught history at UCC for 22 years. Now, at the age of 77, he is retiring and planning to spend his “remaining years” with long family visits and more world travel. Young has a passion for long-distance trekking and hopes to explore many more of the world’s trail systems.

“I have found it so fulfilling to share history with students here at UCC for all these years,” Young said in an email. “Our students are a joy to work with.

“From the start back in 2001 I have witnessed such a dedication at UCC to achieving the mission goal of transforming lives and enriching communities. I will treasure for the rest of my life having been a part of that wholehearted effort to provide the high-quality educational opportunity our students deserve.”

Graduating transfer student Naomi Nibler smiled broadly when considering how Young has influenced her. “I like him very much. He is very much on your team. The class is a team, which is amazing, and it’s not teacher against student. He sets you up for success.”

Second-year transfer student Eric Boldgett believes Young’s influence solidified his own passion for history. “I’ve had a couple of classes and I’ve always had positive experiences; he was always friendly and actually enthusiastic about teaching history. It’s going to be sad seeing him go.

“When I actually started college I was already planning on doing history already but he actually made me way more excited to start studying history a lot more seriously; it is definitely his own enthusiasm. As soon as he is talking history, he just goes; there is no stopping him,” Boldgett says with a smile.

Saying Goodbye

ASUCC Business Manager and PTK President Nakaela Hunt wishes the dedicated staff well.

“I’m happy for them. They get to adventure into the new. Another part of their journey, just like all our graduates will be experiencing this June. We can be sad and happy for them at the same time,” Hunt says.

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