Deals offered by businesses available to students with valid Student ID

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While UCC often provides basic resources for students in need such as school supplies, hygiene items and food boxes, many students’ necessities and desires go unfulfilled. Luckily retailers recognize the struggles of most college students and have developed discounts giving students a well-deserved financial break.

Many companies, both locally and nationally, offer discounts, special rates and promotions designed specifically for college students and their families. Most of these offers require a student ID card to be presented at the time of service. Online discount services usually require some form of verification as well.

UCC students are also required to obtain a student ID in order to set up a library account and use the testing center.  

Once registered, students may visit the student life office in the campus center building to obtain a student ID or call 541-440-7749 for student ID processing hours.

Student IDs must be validated each term and returning students should visit the information desk in the campus center to obtain a validation sticker.

Other notable discounts can be found online or in outside of Douglas County:

Spotify, Bestbuy, Amazon, Costco, Adobe Creative Cloud software, Apple student pricing, Banana Republic, Microsoft, Lenovo, Unidays, Levi’s, Nike, State Farm, FedEx, Samsung, Sprint, American Eagle, Tmobile, Express, Aeropostale, Disney Plus, Hulu ($1.99), free Spotify, Jo-ann Fabric, Norton, AT&T, Dell, Sony, Esurance, Nationwide, Allstate, Geico, Greyhound. 

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