Degree partnership offers higher education support for transfer students

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Many students find the transition from a two-year degree to a four-year degree program daunting. Locally, UCC offers a degree partnership program to assist students with their transition into higher education.

UCC’s degree partnership program empowers students to seek higher education through OSU during and after being enrolled to UCC.
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The DPP allows students to begin their college career, regardless of prior academic success, at UCC and dual enroll or transfer to a university of their choice. 

The degree partnership program is geared toward all undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, but multiple UCC degree paths have direct partnerships with schools like Oregon State University and Eastern Oregon University. 

 “The DPP allows a student to remain at UCC while earning credits at OSU. It allows for flexibility and scheduling and the opportunity for scholarships at both colleges and the cost of a bachelor’s degree program is lower. It also allows early access to an OSU advisor,” said Dan Rach, enrollment advisor, in a phone interview.

UCC can help students transfer to any school, but students enrolled in the DPP with OSU receive automatic transcript updates to OSU every term as well as advisors on both campuses and transfer guidance. The DPP also covers financial aid for both institutions and more credits are likely to transfer to new institutions. Students can also begin taking OSU classes while still enrolled at UCC. 

The OSU partnership advisors are well versed in the OSU transition process and will guide students through the process of accessing OSU information and resources. This allows for a smoother, uninterrupted transition between institutions.

Students can find a more balanced schedule with class options on both campuses and online.
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“For any student planning to transfer, the DPP begins to put them on a similar footing as a non-transfer student,” said Rach. “DPP allows students to more closely replicate the university experience while starting at a community college. This allows for an uninterrupted transition between institutions.”

Students enrolled in the degree partnership program have access to both campuses for resources such as libraries, computer labs, scholarships, as well as more schedule and class options. And OSU’s Ecampus bachelor’s degree program is currently ranked #4 in the nation, tied with Ohio’s Columbus University.

Students can access OSU courses and resources remotely or in person. Online access also means students can begin OSU classes without relocating, as well as accessing university-level courses at a community college rate.

An easily overlooked benefit of the DPP is how it helps students start a career while studying for a bachelor’s degree. More students can begin working in their chosen fields while pursuing their higher degree goals if they can access university courses remotely. This gives students a competitive edge in the workforce, allowing them to gain work experience while preparing for advancement. 

Degree partnership students can enjoy many benefits including: 

  • Take classes at one or both institutions in person and remotely. 
  • Access to both OSU and UCC’s campus resources. 
  • Increased flexibility in scheduling UCCOnline, and OSU courses offered though OSU’s Ecampus. 
  • Take OSU required 100 and 200 level courses at UCC for less cost. 
  • Apply for scholarships for both OSU and UCC. 
  • Financial aid can count enrollment at both institutions for the same term. 
  • Automatic transcript update and access to an OSU advisor and MyDegrees to help students plan their OSU course schedule by term.

Students interested in the degree partnership program should check which school is best for their higher education journey. Interested transfer students can apply using the Get Started application on the degree partnership page of the UCC website. For more information contact Dan Rauch, enrollment advisor, (541) 440-7696, or explore the OSU degree partnership page on UCC’s or OSU’s websites. 

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