Federal assistance funds new comprehensive student assistance program

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Students can easily access online counseling online through SAP.
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Federal assistance funds new comprehensive student assistance program

Life coach Hanna Culbertson and Marjan Coester, director of student engagement, are working to implement a new Student Assistance Program (SAP) utilizing federal COVID funds provided through a Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act CRRSSA grant. This student assistance program can give students access to virtual services such as counseling and coaching, online support groups, and life balance. Services are available to students and their households, including partners and financial dependents.

All UCC students, including those in the GED program at the Wooley Center, will qualify for the SAP services.

Personalized meditation through Zoom can help students master mindfulness and watch stress.
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Several services are being planned for each arm of the SAP.  The counseling and coaching will include assessments that can be done over the phone through a comprehensive session conducted by staff clinicians as well as counseling access offered through confidential chat, video and phone. 

Referrals can be made to digital portals, counselors, community resources or other services. Students with insurance can utilize the service and be referred out within network. There will also be online video peer support groups for depression and addiction recovery as well as specialty groups for women, LGBTQ+, POC and others. The program will allow students access to a national network with 60,000+ in-person and telehealth providers.

The technology and training portion of the program will include an automated instant messaging system or an artificial intelligence chat bot.  It will include a COVID-19 response crisis support resource page, live monthly trainings and access to a webinar YouTube channel.  

A legal forms website will be available where students can create, edit, print, and save online wills, contacts, leases and more.

The program will also provide college planning with advice on choosing and paying for the right college with up to 30 days of financial service consultation, over the phone, per issue with financial experts. 

Self-guided, online trainings will be provided with over 100 recordings accompanied by virtual life-balance assessments and tools, including thousands films and articles on health and wellbeing that are updated regularly.

The life balance and wellbeing aspect of the program will include some unusual assistance opportunities with options like free 30 minute legal services consultation which is followed by 25% discount for continued services or free 30 minute personal meditation consultation also followed by 25% discount. A legal forms website will be available where students can create, edit, print, and save online wills, contacts, leases and more. A savings center will also be available for online access to deep discounts for services, events, and products.

Child and adult/eldercare resources will also be available to locate resources and information for family care and identity theft recovery can help restore credit after theft incident.

More information and directions will be given to students about how to utilize these services in the next month. 

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