Irreplaceable, departing faculty and staff reminisced by students

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Much of UCC’s staff has spent years, if not decades, working directly with students, often more for the desire to help than the paycheck. Since many students rely on staff and faculty’s help and care, retirements and job changes make strong impressions when the inevitable times of change come.

Some UCC staff who are leaving or changing jobs are Marjan Coester, Hanna Culbertson, Destiny Hunt, Mike Matteo and Charles Young. Students were asked to share the impact some of these individuals have had.

“I am sad, but happy for them as well. Charles Young, Hanna and Marjan are all wonderful people, educators, communicators, listeners and leaders,” said ASUCC student government business manager and soon-to-be graduating student Nakaela Hunt in an email. “I’m sure many people who have had them throughout their college experience will miss them. The knowledge and experience they have go deeper than words.”

Hanna Culbertson, wellness counselor

After many years of serving the mental health of UCC students, Hannah Culbertson, wellness counselor, will leave to practice counseling at a private clinic in Winston, Oregon.
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After the end of spring term, UCC Wellness Counselor Hanna Culbertson leaves her role here to practice counseling at a group private clinic named Second Wind in Winston, Oregon. Culbertson has been with UCC for many years, beginning first as a student in 2009, then returning in 2014 to spend a couple of years working as an academic advisor before she continued to further her own education. 

She then started here as the life coach in 2019, which is now called wellness counselor. As wellness counselor, she offers private counseling for students in need. She also offers training on trauma-informed care, helps run behavioral intervention meetings and has many other duties related to students’ mental health.

“UCC means a lot to me; it will always mean a lot to me,” Culbertson says. “The difference it’s made in my life and the difference I’ve been honored to be a part of in other students’ lives is important to me. This was a bittersweet decision for me, but it felt like the next step.”

Second-year transfer student Michael Tincher is one of many students who utilized and valued the services Culbertson offered.

“It’s gonna be gut punching because, one, she knows me, and, two, she has a unique perspective. She helps with the way you look at whatever you are going through and balancing it with your own feelings and not knocking yourself down.

“Something she has taught me is I need to quit second-guessing myself and stop purposefully knocking myself down. I have definitely been way more aware of what I need to do each day to keep myself afloat and survive college. She has definitely made a huge impact.”

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