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 The following information is taken from TutorMe’s marketing materials.

Obtaining a tutor is a struggle that many students face. It can be challenging to connect with others, align schedules, and tackle challenging concepts covered in lectures.

UCC is now offering students access to an online tutoring service called TutorMe.

TutorMe offers students individual 1:1 tutoring from qualified tutors. Students can receive tutoring whenever and wherever they need it, day or night. This online platform focuses on offering personalized learning support from a diverse community of tutors with unique backgrounds, areas of expertise, and perspectives.

There are two types of tutoring that are offered: subject tutoring within Lesson Space, and feedback on written assignments through the Writing Lab. To access either of these resources, students can log into Canvas and either click the “request a live tutor” or “submit your writing assignment.”

Live Tutor

After students “request a live tutor” from within Canvas, they will be asked to answer a few easy questions so that they can be matched with a tutor. Once the request is submitted, TutorMe will match them to a tutor in a couple minutes or less.

Once paired, students will be directed to the Lesson Space and given access to the tools for a successful tutoring session.

Students will work with their tutors within TutorMe’s Lesson Space. This resource includes collaboration tools such as live audio and video chat or text-based chat depending on student’s communication preferences, there is also the option to screenshare.

Other resources available within TutorMe’s Lesson Space are included:

  • Scientific Calculator
  • Interactive Whiteboard

These tools allow students to build confidence and subject mastery in a safe virtual environment.

Submitting your writing assignment

Students can receive feedback on written assignments, prior to submitting your final draft in Turn-It-In. When students submit their papers, they can receive detailed feedback from academic writing experts within hours. This feedback elevates writing skills and polish papers for future assignments.

To access the Writing Lab through Canvas, students can click the “submit your writing Assignment” button. From there, students follow the on-screen prompts to provide details regarding their submission. By doing this, the assigned tutor is able to deliver appropriate feedback aligned to the assignment’s requirements. Students will then receive a notification within hours that their assignment was reviewed. The feedback can be reviewed by navigating to “My history” in the Canvas student dashboard.

If students need additional support getting started, they can visit the TutorMe student Help Center at or email them at

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