Students can advance their careers during summer using resources provided through UCC

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There are many ways to further your education and career at UCC through summer classes.
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Students can advance their careers during summer using resources provided through UCC

Summer term presents many career paths and educational opportunities that students who have extra time can take advantage of. Community and Workforce Training courses offer a hands-on experience that many students don’t often have time for.

The graphic shows a list of classes offered to students at UCC this summer.
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The Community and Workforce Training classes provide skill-development, technology and recreational coursework that may help develop personal growth. Classes offered include summer camps, coding, arts and music, drawing and photography, fitness and health, safety, driving classes (both commercial driving and trucking driving as well as driver’s education), personal safety classes, construction classes, and more.

For example, a student can take a medical assistant class in order to learn directly from a professional to understand the role of a medical professional. Academic advisors recommend working with professionals, so students can be exposed to the work environment to determine if they want to continue in that field.

CWT offers more courses beyond career-based learning, and they are increasing their options for face-to-face.

“We’re excited to increase the number of in-person classes this summer and we look forward to seeing everyone,” Robin Vanwinkle, director of CWT says.

These summer courses can be found in UCC’s Community Connections Summer 2021 pamphlet mailed to students.

UCC also offers classes during summer term. These terms are condensed to be shorter.

The college recommends students take summer classes, especially if students are working on prerequisites to pass enough credits to graduate by spring term of the next year.

“Plus, Summer is a great time to explore classes that are interesting and fulfill electives like GS 107 – Beginning Astronomy,” says the UCC website.

Summer term has open registration for all students as of May 12, and courses will begin starting July 5.

If students want to work at UCC during the summer, the Human Resources page on the UCC website has applications for job assistants in the library, Hawk Shop and other places on the UCC campus.

UCC’s pool to have limited access during the summer.
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For relaxation, the UCC pool opens this summer and fall for students who want to take swimming lessons or a Zumba class. Students need to register through CWT to apply for summer swim classes.

The fitness center will remain closed for student use.

Aside from the school, the county also offers many different activities for nearly all community members.

The News Review even compiled a list of activities happening during the summer. However, their website noted that the list was created in April, meaning that not all events are listed nor are the events confirmed to be arranged when the time comes.

One of the largest events happening this summer is the Douglas County Fair. Although closed last year, the county fair will run August 3-7 this summer.

To see a list of events at the fair for each day, visit their website or their scheduled events link.

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