Summer classes open: Should I register?

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Summer classes at UCC are now open for registration. These classes are helpful for those who need extra credits to graduate on time or who want to get ahead in their degree.

Summer classes are slightly condensed to eight weeks each to compensate for the shorter time frame. Many students take one or two classes over the summer so they can focus harder on these limited subjects. “Summer classes are great for keeping people on track and helping them catch up,” Missy Olson, dean of the division of enrollment management, says. “There will be more homework or study time because it’s condensed.” 

Missy Olson, Dean of the Division of Enrollment Management

Some students take these classes to get ahead and still have some summer fun before returning to school. Summer class registration information can be found in student self-service on the college’s website.

For students wondering about tuition and how financial aid operates over the summer, Ann Abel, financial aid specialist says, “Currently Pell, the Supplemental Grant, Federal Work-Study and loans are all available for four terms per year, which includes summer. The only funding unavailable during summer is the Oregon Opportunity Grant and the Oregon Promise Grant.”  Many work-study positions remain open during the summer that students can do alongside their classes, which could lessen the burden of needing to get a summer job.

Summer can also be an opportunity to take some fun classes like American Film History, Intro to Jazz History, Shakespeare, and Beginning Astronomy. Classes like these can be an opportunity to learn about new subjects without the pressure of other work needing to be done. Another way these classes could be used is as a warm-up for harder classes in the fall term. “Taking non-core classes during the summer allows me to take my core classes during fall through spring. That way I can focus more on the classes I will have to use for my career,” an anonymous second-year student said. 

Ann Abel, Financial Aid Specialist

The appeal of summer classes can also extend to making a future workload easier by getting some needed credits out of the way during the summer. Students will have more time and energy to work on the rest of their classes. “Summer school is a fantastic way to maximize time while pursuing your degree. I have always enjoyed the summer term as much as any other term. Summer classes also provide flexibility for many students with difficult schedules,” Rian Berriman, a student earning her AAOT, said. Students might even graduate earlier than previously expected. 

Harvard’s Ten Reasons Why You Should Take a College Class This Summer states, “With only one class to work on, you can dive into that topic and give it your full attention.” 

Some students also attend classes year-round to keep a steady stream of work and progress going, not having to readjust to classes after summer. Motivation can be hard to keep up when there is a gap in between classes through the summer, so for some, this may be the perfect time to take one or two classes so there’s still time for relaxation without losing momentum. For more information, talk to a college advisor by clicking on the apply tab on UCC’s website and scrolling down to “apply with an advisor.”

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