Suzi Pritchard joins UCC’s Marketing and Communications staff

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Suzi Prichard becomes UCC’s new Marketing and Communications Director.
Photo provided by Suzi Pritchard.

Q: What is your position’s role for UCC?
A: The Department of Communications and Marketing is all about connecting students to UCC. Each student’s life transformed contributes to strengthening our rural community. We are focused on connecting individuals and teams to deliver marketing and communications utilizing the latest technologies to reach performance milestones set by the president. Our marketing team is already working hard on telling success stories and driving community engagement with our beautiful campus.

Q: What did you do previously in your career and what made you apply for the position?
A: I spent over 20 years working in corporate marketing, with most of those years managing brand identity at Intel Corporation. About five years ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to transition our careers to community service and experience small-town rural living. After we moved our family from California to Illinois, our local university opened a marketing director position, and I was privileged to have the opportunity to realize my passion for service in higher education in rural communities. Eventually, an opportunity arose to return west to family and a better climate in Southern Oregon. After the move, I kept my line of work focused on serving the community, which included working for NeighborWorks Umpqua and community action agencies.
One of the reasons I was attracted to the campus is that one of the campus strengths is inclusiveness and UCC provides a sense of belonging for each unique individual.

Q: How has your transition into your new role been?
With this new position it’s been an honor to continue serving our local community by promoting UCC’s top-notch programs. I was inspired and energized by UCC’s talented staff, including our new president, Rachel Pokrandt, who is clearly dedicated to UCC’s mission of transforming lives in our community. So, when the position came up to become part of the internal team, I had to apply.

Q: What is your plan for UCC students and student involvement?
There are countless stories to be told about students realizing their potential at UCC and going beyond what they thought was possible. Our faculty and staff provide funding, guidance counseling, and career opportunities that enable students to fill high-demand jobs right in our backyard or to excel along an academic path of their choosing. Our campus is open to anyone in the community who wants to take a class to enrich their life.

Q: How does your first-year plan look?
Marketing is all about having the right message for the individual at the right time. So, in this time of change, I am learning about our students’ points of view and the myriad of services and departments dedicated to impacting students’ lives.
With a focus on clarity in communication, we are starting internally to build the UCC brand so that externally, UCC is easy to recognize and easy to love.

Q: Do you have any long-term plans as Communications and Marketing Director?
I am excited about reinvigorating the UCC brand, evolving our marketing into the digital future, and working to showcase the multitude of opportunities we provide, all of which will enable us to further connect to the community.

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