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Although UCC campus clubs are an important part of some student’s college experiences, many clubs have fizzled out due to the pandemic. Since UCC has reopened its campus to students, clubs are slowly starting to reactivate. Currently, 15 clubs, both active and inactive, are on the club roster.

While many clubs are active on campus, many previous clubs have yet to be reopened since the start of the pandemic. Some of the current active clubs include computer programing, forestry, Spanish and Phi Theta Kappa, but more clubs are also currently active.

Computer programming, a fully online club that meets once a week to do programming challenges and learn skills necessary to complete said challenges. It includes some leadership: the president, vice-president, treasures and marketing officer, all positions are open for student volunteers. Club advisor Vincent Yip said, “We started it with one core goal, anyone can learn and enjoy computer programming.”

Forestry is another popular UCC club with 16 active members participating in club activities such as listening to guest speakers and going on various field trips. Notable events for forestry are the earth day celebration on April 22nd and the FFA competition on May 23rd.

Forestry club offers community service acts for its members as well. Club advisor Bryan Benz said, “Above the track there are some trails leading to the river, around that area is a bench that we built about four years ago.” Scholarship and various internship opportunities are available for club members. Leadership positions include club president, vice president, secretary and treasurer which are all fulfilled via member votes.

In the fall, Spanish club opened back up on campus offering club members education on Hispanic culture, Spanish learning exercises, Day of the Dead activities and more. In past years, field trips to a bilingual theater were offered. Leadership positions in this club include president, vice president and a personal relations manager all  are fulfilled via member vote.

Phi Theta Kappa, PTK, is a club that spans from UCC to the rest of the world. PTK is an international college honor society that is known for awarding scholarships to students and being a place to connect and discuss academic related topics. PTK also offers many opportunities to work on leadership and communication skills.

Some clubs are still inactive and do not have any current members.

UCC’s Veteran students club is for veterans or people who would like to know more about veteran experiences. This club is currently inactive but has the potential to start again if enough people join and take interest in it. Before the pandemic,  veterans club started for veterans to come together for peer support, community relations and the ability to share similar experiences through games and activities. 

Although some clubs are inactive, they still have the potential of becoming active. If students are interested in reactivating a club they must complete six steps, those steps are listed on the UCC club webpage.

Pre-existing clubs are not the only option, groups can also apply to make their own club by completing the steps on the UCC club webpage.

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