UCC Computer and Programming Club wins in Oregon Collegiate Challenge

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Computer Science Majors Jordan Smith, Kohlton Kuczler, Gunnar Campman and Bryce Knott show excitement to compete in the International Collegiate Programming Contest at Oregon State University. Photo provided by Vincent Yip

The UCC Computer Programming Club, a club for students interested in technology and computer science recently won third place for the virtual reality education platform “LearnSesh” they created in the seventh annual Invent Oregon Collegiate Challenge – a year-long competition involving colleges from all over the state of Oregon, which awarded $9,000 this last April according to Yip.

In addition to third place in the overall competition, the team also won the Best Community College award for the second year in a row says Computer Club advisor Vincent Yip.

Vincent Yip is the advisor for the Umpqua Community College Computer and Programming Club. Image provided by Vincent Yip.

Yip teaches various computer science courses at the college, including programming classes geared towards teaching Python, C++ and JavaScript. In the summer, Yip says he facilitates programming courses for students aged seven to 13 utilizing drones and robots. As the club’s advisor, he has enjoyed witnessing the growth and accomplishments of the members. “It is the most rewarding aspect of my role as an advisor,” Yip says.

Established in 2019, the Computer Club is always looking for new members – even those who are not computer science majors. Students interested in joining the club do not need to have prior programming experience either, says Yip. “Whether you’re majoring in art or technology, you’ll find our club activities beneficial and enjoyable,” he says.

The Computer Programming Club provides two free membership options: General Members (GM) and Computer Science Members (CSM). Yip says “our main objective is to give GMs hands-on exposure to cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, we’re dedicated to honing the programming skills of CSMs by emphasizing problem-solving across various programming languages. CSMs also have the chance to take the lead in GM activities.”

Site Winner Division II award given to the UCC Computer Club at the 2019 International Collegiate Programming Contest. Photo provided by Vicent Yip.

The club has also competed in two other competitions – one in 2019 and another in 2022. In 2019, the club won first place in division two at the International Collegiate Programming Contest at Oregon State University. At the 2022 ICPC, the Computer Cub won the Best Community College award.

In April 2024, the UCC Computer Club plans to compete at the Invent Oregon Collegiate Challenge, according to Yip. “We’re eagerly looking forward to this community, as it enables our students to gain valuable real-world experiences by interacting with their peers from different universities,” Yip said. “I encourage our teams to give their best, embracing growth and enjoying the upcoming competitive seasons. Learning the value of teamwork is a key takeaway I hope our students gain from these experiences, as it is an essential quality in any workplace.”

In addition to another successful competition, the Computer Club hopes to benefit both the college and the larger Roseburg community with a student-led outreach plan, Yip says.

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