UCC is still hiring students; full and part-time positions open

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UCC is hiring for many positions from student jobs, to faculty and part-time instructors, to custodians and campus security, to administration and other full-time staff. 

Lisa Cram, payroll assistant and human resource staff member, is responsible for doing much of the advertising on recruitment sites. UCC has selection committees for each department that interview and recommend applicants. Wherever the job is located throughout the college, the recruitment committee from that department is responsible for selecting applicants.

Job opportunities await on the UCC campus.
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For students seeking part-time employment while going to school, working at UCC may be ideal. “You get work experience, and since they know you go to school they’re really going to work with you,” Cram says. Student positions have the advantage of flexible schedules and convenient locations. “If you have a test or a paper due, another outside job may not be as understanding,” Cram says. 

All student positions have a maximum of 19 hours a week. Student positions are available to any currently enrolled students with at least three credits.

With in-person classes resuming on campus, UCC’s human resources department is challenged during this pandemic with finding applicants for several in-person positions. “Even though it says ‘on campus’ on the application, a lot of the applicants are out of state and refuse to relocate,” Cram says.

In response to staffing challenges, UCC has broadened its search, advertising on numerous job sites and being open to variations of experience or educational degrees. “We are trying to be more flexible,” Cram says.

Since the COVID pandemic, Cram has noticed a trend. “There is a higher percentage of applicants that are under-qualified, and a lower percentage is qualified,” Cram says.

UCC jobs get posted automatically to a number of job search boards like Indeed.com and Higheredjobs.com. UCC advertises on over 30 job search boards, and even sometimes goes to additional specific job boards for harder to fill positions, yet some positions remain open for a long time.

Currently, the position open the longest is instructional coordinator specialist. “We need a full-time coordinator for the truck driving and drivers education programs, which comes with full-time perks,” Cram says. “Yet this position has been open since August 12. “ 

Cram notes that student jobs are easiest to fill because often instructors do the recruiting through students they find compatible. Part-time and full-time positions are more of a challenge because the staff and faculty positions require variations of degrees or experience.

To people who are interested in applying but hesitant, Cram offers this advice, “Don’t limit yourself to one aspect of the job and broaden your search into other areas. Don’t be afraid to get your foot in the door; you can work your way to other jobs; that’s what I did. I started with part time until the full-time position opened up.”

To find more information regarding employment at UCC, visit https://www.schooljobs.com/careers/umpquacommunitycollege