Usborne book fair: To support Court Appointed Special Advocate Children

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Usborne book fair: To support Court Appointed Special Advocate Children

The Douglas County community has been helping to raise money for children in the foster care system because of abuse and neglect so they can have a good Christmas. Roseburg Alliance Church with Usborne Books hosted a book fair to help benefit Court Appointed Special Advocates children in Douglas County on Saturday, Nov. 7. 

The public purchased books at the fair with some of the proceeds going to help CASA children. People who couldn’t make the fair can still buy Usborne books for their family while helping to support CASA by shopping here. The hosts of the event were Kelsey Dianne Peterson and Rachael Hanohano.

Usborne books is a divisions of Educational Development Corporation and a well established company recognized many times by Forbes and Fortune magazine. It is known as one of the 200 best small companies in America and one of Americans 100 and fastest growing small companies for over 30 years. Usborne distributes many children books through thousands of independent consultants to sell directly to the consumers via home shows, direct sales, book fairs and websites.

 Usborne sells over 1800  titles covering a wide variety of topics in forms of activity books, fiction series and internet-linked science and history encyclopedias.

Usborne’s website provides lots of information alongside their shop on their website. People can choose to host their own book party, join the company, or contact a consultant to buy books.  To find out more or read more information about Usborne and their story, go to their website or their Facebook page.

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