ASUCC fee reimbursements: What remaining fees provide for students Every term, fees are collected as part of tuition, allowing all students access to services and activities provided by the Associated Students of Umpqua Community College, ASUCC.  Students have been issued some refunds through account credits for certain programs postponed dueContinue Reading

A savory Irish meal to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural as well as religious holiday observed by both Irish and non-Irish descendants worldwide.  St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was a real man who lived in 400 A.D. Born in Roman Britain, he wasContinue Reading

NWAC guidelines: Athletes compete without spectators UCC athletes have started competing under NWAC pandemic sanctions, including no spectators.  No spectators will be permitted into any NWAC competitions, which can impact competition.  NWAC closed competition last March, nearly a year ago.  UCC men’s basketball was on their way to tournament atContinue Reading

TEDx Roseburg Ripples through community TEDx Roseburg, a community speech event, is set for April 10 with the theme of Ripples, playing off last year’s theme of More than Words. The speeches will share innovative and inspiring ideas that can ripple through the local community. Thirteen speakers will present freshContinue Reading

Volunteering opportunities available for community during the pandemic  Students applying for jobs, colleges and scholarships often need to find volunteering opportunities for their applications. Volunteering highlights an individual’s time management skills and community involvement, besides being a key way to network within communities.  However, with so many programs cancelled overContinue Reading

UCC sports training under NWAC color phase protocol UCC athletes going to compete this year?  With all the social distancing, quarantines, and group meeting regulations it is hard to imagine how, but the UCC athletic department and coaches have been working to uphold the Northwest Athletic Conference guideline, safe, healthyContinue Reading

UCC Guide to 2021-2022 FAFSA changes For 2021, the U.S. Department of Education made several changes for students filing for Federal Student Aid through FAFSA (the required Free Application for Federal Student Aid), the application used by states and colleges to calculate eligibility for tuition aid, grants and scholarships.  SomeContinue Reading