The COVID-19 Vaccine: what to know The COVID-19 virus has made 2020 a tough year for almost everyone. It’s ravaged small businesses, destroyed the economy, separated some from their loved ones and forced some people to go into hiding and isolate themselves for their own safety and health. Moderna hasContinue Reading

Measure 109: Psilocybin mushrooms explained Measure 109 just passed in Oregon, legalizing the usage of hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms and fungi for medical purposes on persons who are at least 21 years old. According to Ballotpedia, the Oregon Health Authority will create the psilocybin program and regulate it, under the advisoryContinue Reading

Holiday events and how COVID-19 affects them It can be a great disappointment when holiday events are cancelled. As many holiday events are heavily impacted by COVID-19, many see social distancing as an opportunity. Rather than simply canceling, some people are transforming social events to virtual gatherings. COVID-19 is attackingContinue Reading