Dual Enrollment Challenges, Opportunities for Local Students

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Dual Enrollment Challenges, Opportunities for Local Students

Students who started college while still in high school are making adjustments now from being in the dual enrollment program to being in college full time.

Dual enrollment is a program that allows any high school student to earn credit for several college classes while still in high school. It can help students get on a fast track to being more prepared for college and getting a degree faster.

Being a full time college student can be just as confusing for dual credit students as for new college students. It’s especially different in the world everyone is living through now, with most classes being online and therefore a bit more stressful than normal.

Some of the differences between taking a few classes in high school to switching to full time include more hours spent on studying, more work, and more challenges getting to know your fellow students as well as professors.

Plenty of high school and college counselors are available to talk and even the early college teachers at the high school know a lot about it. how to register for college classes and choose the right courses.

Everyone has been taking the time to get used to how new everything is, it’s understandable to want to ask questions and know more about what all UCC has to offer.

A few tips help for making the shift easier:

  • Invest in buying a planner. You want to be able to write down assignments you need to get done, study plans, and what days and times you have Zoom meetings. Try writing extra reminders as well if needed.
  • Accept that you will have more homework and will need more time to study and learn what you need to succeed.
  • Ask for help! It can be scary to do so, but it’ll make the experience go smoother, and eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

If you or someone you know wants to go into the dual program, here’s a helpful link for how to get started and who to contact for it: Dual Credit

Interested in the courses that are available for dual enrollment? Visit here: Dual Credit Courses by High School

Take a look at this to see what benefits you can expect when enrolling in the dual program: Nine Reasons Why Dual Enrollment is a Great Choice

How to apply for dual credit: Students will need a completed UCC EOP Authorization Form filled out by a high school counselor or a staff member. They must then take a placement test at UCC or through a virtual testing voucher (Accuplacer Virtual Placement Test Voucher Request). They will have to create a temporary login and password which will need to be saved for any future UCC logins and applications.

After forms and the placement tests are completed and received by UCC, students are able to attend orientation and begin to register for their classes online from umpqua.edu. Students will log into self-service from the UCC website and click “student” and “registration” and press the term they want to attend from the “select term” option. They will then select “add or drop classes” and add classes by entering the CRN in the “add classes” option, and when done click “submit changes.” They can browse the classes online by going to “browse online class scheduler” and selecting the term by searching for it. Students will need to select the subject(s) they want to take classes in, and when they’re done they click “return to menu” and go back to view their registration by viewing “concise student schedule.” Students will then need to hit the option “dual credit” when applying on admission forms as well.

After getting done with registration, students must then go to https://umpqua.edu/canvas-orientation-spring-2020 and select the link for the Online Canvas Orientation and learn how to use the software. Almost all UCC teachers have Canvas to post their syllabus and grades, while others also use it for everything including assignments, readings, grades, due dates and lecture recordings.

When signing up for classes, it’s important to remember what remote and online mean in the sense of what classes will be like. Remote learning is essentially students and teachers meeting at the same time over Zoom with materials needed. Online learning means that all the course materials are provided in either readings or videos on Canvas. Students are able to do the work on their own time.

Students may want to keep in mind that applying for financial aid is important if they need it: Apply for Financial Aid.

For more information regarding dual enrollment, visit testing@umpqua.edu or contact UCC advising at advising@umpqua.edu.

Students can contact advisers directly:

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