New Babies and Hibernation at Wildlife Safari As spring is approaching in the Wildlife Safari world, that means more babies and animals to see and fawn over. As the days continue to get brighter with sunshine, that also means hibernation for most of the animals is concluding. Bears will soonContinue Reading

Blood Drives: Important Details to Know By Veteran’s Day, the Douglas County public health network began reporting double digit increases per day in cases of COVID-19 with over 500 cases of people ill, 12 patients hospitalized in the county, and about 560 more residents in quarantine and another 148 inContinue Reading

Newly Added Red Pandas at Wildlife Safari Two red pandas recently joined Wildlife Safari in July. They are both in the village as new additions and a fun sight to see for most people. Remi and Freddie are their names, and they’re both 2-year-old males from the Virginia Zoo and areContinue Reading

Dual Enrollment Challenges, Opportunities for Local Students Students who started college while still in high school are making adjustments now from being in the dual enrollment program to being in college full time. Dual enrollment is a program that allows any high school student to earn credit for several collegeContinue Reading