New Babies and Hibernation at Wildlife Safari

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Two goslings by a pond at Wildlife Safari
Photo provided by Kacy Buxton / The Mainstream

New Babies and Hibernation at Wildlife Safari

Who hibernates? Mark the right answer, then check if you’re correct at the end of the story.
_____ Bats
_____ Bees
_____ Groundhogs
_____ Snakes
_____ Bears
_____ All of the Above
Some animals at Wildlife Safari are still hibernating, but as spring is soon to be here the time of hibernations is almost over.
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Graphic created by Savannah Peterson / The Mainstream

As spring is approaching in the Wildlife Safari world, that means more babies and animals to see and fawn over. As the days continue to get brighter with sunshine, that also means hibernation for most of the animals is concluding. Bears will soon be seen again in their enclosures by mid-March.

A brown bear at Wildlife Safari
Photo provided by Kacy Buxton / The Mainstream

Until the bears return to their enclosures, Wildlife Safari offers a “Hibernating Bears” encounter for guests to enter the brown bear den with keepers. Children must be accompanied by an adult for this winter-only activity.

Oregon has an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 black bears, the only remaining bear species present in the forests here. Many other animals that hibernate include skunks, bees, snakes, and groundhogs, but bears and bats are the most well-known.

As far as more cheetahs being introduced, there have been a couple more added into the enclosure. Earlier in 2020, Wildlife Safari welcomed more cheetah cubs. They are both doing well and have adjusted to the park, which is famous for their cheetahs as well as their skills in nurturing endangered animals in need.

In 2019, Wildlife Safari also welcomed a new baby giraffe, and it is doing well now.

There are many Wildlife Safari encounters that happen all the time throughout the park, some that include strolling with cheetahs, giraffe group encounters, and one that includes watching how animals feed and interact with each other.

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Answer: All of the Above

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