In’s/Out’s of Hawk Hangout; How to use it to your advantage

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Students can accept the invite and the shell will then be accessible on the dashboard.
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In’s/Out’s of Hawk Hangout; How to use it to your advantage

Normally this is a time to meet new friends for life, to get involved in campus activities and to make memories. This year, if the college experience were graded, it would likely get an F. Phi Theta Kappa and ASUCC, however, created a Canvas interactive shell called Hawk Hangout to help.

The Hawk Hangout invitation can be found in students’ UCC email or on their dashboard in Canvas.
Graphic by Peyton Manning / The Mainstream

Students recently received an invitation to join Hawk Hangout in their student RiverHawk email and/or in Canvas.

Students are already using the Canvas Hawk Hangout to ask questions about clubs and activities and to share their personal interests. Students can use Hawk Hangout to find out what is happening on campus, to see all the clubs that are wanting new people to join, to join sports and to make friends.

“The goal is to get more students to get involved in clubs and in campus stuff. Hopefully, people will join the shell and figure out what’s happening in there,” Ella Rader, vice president of ASUCC, said.

The inspiration for creating this module was to make a place for students to connect with each other and interact since they can’t do that on campus, especially with COVID, Radar says.

Hawk Hangout is not more work for students. It is an interactive Canvas shell so students can also ask questions with peers and connect with each other about any topic. The shell includes activities for the week in the welcome module like Monday Motivation and Friday Fun at Four. There are other things on the calendar of what is happening during the week that students can also get involved in and get extra help from campus or the community.

Hawk Hangout is very beneficial for all students to visually see what is out there that can help them generally and help them get involved at school. Radar says she strongly suggests students get involved in clubs to help build their confidence and their resumes. Right now, for example, Radar is trying to create an animal club for other people who want to be veterinarians.

If a student has denied the invite to Hawk Hangout or exited out of the email, there still is an opportunity to join because PTK and ASUCC send the invite out periodically through Canvas and emails. If students want to get an invitation, they can contact ASUCC for an invite:

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