Our stomachs talk to our brain more even than our brain talks to our bodies, but are we listening? If we don’t, it’s detrimental to our mental, emotional and physical health, according to representatives from UC-VEG and nutrition authorities.  “Your gut is connected to your brain in a way thatContinue Reading

The pandemic caused many of UCC’s most active clubs to go dormant. The Queer StraightAlliance, Healthy Minds, Automotive Club, and the Nursing Club, even the Nerd Herd whichused to be UCC’s most active club. Students struggle with making student connections from thelack of availability of meeting times from classes beingContinue Reading

UCC students are now juggling multiple course delivery methods including face-to-face, hybrid and online. Education has become similar to a tech training program with students learning how to navigate live Zoom lectures, recorded Zoom lectures, Panopto interactivity, recorded tutorials, recorded lessons, online discussion boards and the Canvas learning management system.Continue Reading

Help right here on campus can make meeting those goals a lot more likely, and goal setting can substantially change lives for the better. Umpqua Community College has resources to help students support their New Year’s resolutions, the goals they have promised themselves to complete this new year. Goal settingContinue Reading

With COVID-19 restrictions the last few years, music and theater programs have been especially challenged as directors struggle to coordinate shows and find places groups can perform. Some schools and places are still not allowing performances at their location.   In spite of the challenges, UCC music director Jason Heald says that in-person shows are vital: â€śIt’s therapeutic socially to be making music again.”   To enable in-person shows, Heald explained that all of the UCCContinue Reading

Students can interact with each other and learn more about what is offered at UCC by visiting the Hawk Hangout Canvas option on the Canvas dashboard. Opening the Hawk Hangout was a part of one of PTK’s college projects last year to help support the college’s goals and its overallContinue Reading

The week of Oct. 6, seven positive cases of COVID-19 were on campus, according to Kerri Case, UCC’s new pandemic coordinator. Case traces student and staff exposure and works to help ensure that people take the right precautions to make sure they reduce exposure. Students were sent out an emailContinue Reading

New horizons for UCC sports teams Of all the opponents UCC athletes faced the last 12 months, COVID-19 may have been the most formidable. But, the RiverHawks quarantined and prepared. Then, they got busy competing and dominating. UCC has also welcomed new teams to its sports selection: ESPORTS and Women’sContinue Reading

What celebrating Memorial Day looks like in Roseburg Oregon In Roseburg during the month of May, the Roseburg National Cemetery for fallen soldiers along Harvard Avenue is usually filled with flags and a tribute ceremony takes place there. This year due to COVID-19, the event is canceled, but the VA is hoping to have an event next year.  Memorial Day, which used toContinue Reading

UCC students favorite dining spots in Roseburg Some days people can feel like there is nothing to do and no good places to eat. However, since the pandemic, Roseburg has seen its local businesses be creative with their sales and even has seen a handful of restaurants open that areContinue Reading