UCC students favorite dining spots in Roseburg

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Taylor Russell shows a glimmering “beaches” shaved ice.
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UCC students favorite dining spots in Roseburg

Some days people can feel like there is nothing to do and no good places to eat. However, since the pandemic, Roseburg has seen its local businesses be creative with their sales and even has seen a handful of restaurants open that are expanding local flavor horizons. Students at UCC share their favorite new and old places to dine.

UCC student Stacy Jackson enjoys Sonic, Two Shy Brewery, Backside Brewery and Booster Juice.

“I really love the variety that Sonic offers with its food and drinks, especially the slushies they offer,” she says. “I love grabbing a brewed beer or cider from either Two Shy or Backside every once in a while. I tend to go towards the ciders though. My favorite cider to drink at both places is the cranberry cider. Booster Juice is just a place to obtain a tasty smoothie on a hot summer day plus they offer some healthy snacks there as well.”

Melissa Roy says that her favorite places to eat are Old Soul and Brix, and for drinks, she enjoys going to Backside Brewery and True Kitchen.

“The Boba Time restaurant has great drinks as well, and they are nonalcoholic,” Roy says.

Another student, Danielle Teichner, enjoys Boba as well.

She has a fond memory of the restaurant, “Two years ago, the summer before I left Roseburg for a year to start my service with the Army National Guard, I was able to get together with some close friends at the Bubble Tea House. We ordered the teriyaki chicken and lavender milk tea from a polite yet boisterous woman with a thick foreign accent and a big smile. We sat by the big windows and watched the Harvard traffic while picking through our food. The hustle and bustle of a busy town, teenagers with backpacks slung over their shoulders, walking home from school. It seemed so ordinary and boring at the time. 

“Then, I remember coming home a year later to an entirely different world, so quiet and nervous. Businesses were slowly reopening, and there was an anxious buzz hanging over all of our heads,” Teichner says. “I got the same friends together, and we went to Bubble Tea House again. Instead, there was no indoor dining, so we sat outside on the dusty cracked pavement. Even with the thick smoke hanging in the air from fires, Harvard still was busy with traffic, but there were no children coming home from school. Even the passing transients seemed sobered by the change.”

“There was one constant though; the Teriyaki chicken still tasted warm and spicy, and the milk tea was still cool and refreshing. The staff still greeted you with just as much enthusiasm, and I’m sure they still had a smile under their masks. It might sound silly, but I think I fell just a little bit more in love with that spot because that sense of ‘sameness’ was like a cozy hug after a really bitter winter,” Teichner says. 

Food trucks are also popular. UCC student Anne Hadwen’s favorite place is Rolling Thunder BBQ truck. “The pulled pork sandwich and bacon mac are delicious. It is sometimes parked at the gas station in front of Casey’s restaurant and sometimes it’s in Sutherlin. I think they have a Facebook page that tells you where they are,” she says.

Some of UCC’s students’ favorite places to visit and enjoy during the summer.
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The new shaved ice place excites Tasha Powell-Oliverson, “We have a new Hawaiian Shave Ice truck in town. I’m dying to try it. The photos posted from their grand opening look so yummy!”  

She also loves Logger’s.

“The garlic spotted owl pizza or sandwich are amazing!” she says.

She goes to Cup of Joe on Jackson Street in Roseburg for breakfast and coffee.

“Gathering Grounds also has a great grilled cheese, coffees and teas. Chi’s is our favorite Asian food and Mariachi Loco for Mexican. Oh, and a shout out for Little Jeans burgers and sandwiches. I hear they have pho on Saturday’s but haven’t made it in to try it yet,” she says.  

Within the last year two new complexes have gone in to Roseburg with food choices. Five Guys and Crumbl Cookies are on NW Mulholland Drive near Elmer’s. Mountain Mikes and Cascade Coffee are near the Douglas County Health Department on Harvard. Cascade Coffee just added new outside dining.

Where does the ASUCC president eat?

“McMenamins is definitely my place! Love it so much. Migado in Sutherlin is also amazing; the Korean couple who own it are wonderful and the food is amazing! They know my whole family and ask about anyone not there whenever we visit,” Jesika Barnes, ASUCC president says.

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