Odd Home remedies from UCC students and graduates

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A UCC student’s home remedy
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Odd Home remedies from UCC students and graduates

UCC students are finding fun and sometimes frightening ways to head off illness during cold and flu season.

For a bit of fun, The Mainstream asked UCC students and graduates how they got through the cold and flu season. These students and friends responded with their personal home remedies.  Their remedies may be unconventional, weird and not necessarily recommended to try, but a reporter did.

Watch The Mainstream Reporter Katie Gray try some of the grosser remedies before you decide to try them yourself. It’s also up to your discretion to determine the validity of these ideas and practices.

Video by Katie Gray / The Mainstream

Warning: Alcohol poisoning is dangerous, and it can shut down parts of the brain. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, women should not drink while pregnant.

Karina DiStefano, a UCC general education graduate, has a recipe she uses when sick with a sore throat. “Put 8oz of hot milk and ½ a cube of butter in the microwave to soften and drink before bed,” she says. “It was disgusting, but it coats the throat and helps it feel better.”

Various ingredients for home remedies
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Ashley Davin, another UCC graduate and an OSU transfer, takes a piece of garlic (a real peeled one) and swallows it like a pill. She then drinks lemon tea to help her feel better. She usually takes the garlic right when she feels sick because, according to Davin, it acts like an immune boost.

UCC Welding program graduate Justin Troxel’s methods are a little unconventional and not recommended by The Mainstream.

Troxel takes ½ a shot of whiskey and a full tablespoon of sugar for a sore throat. When he feels anything worse than a sore throat, he takes a shot of peppermint Schnapps to clear his head. Occasionally, he uses an alternative method of NyQuil and two shots of airborne and drinks as much Gatorade and water as he can, and then he says he sleeps it off.

The Mainstream reminds readers to always read the warning labels on medication to understand the dangers of mixing alcohol and medication.

Ash’Leigh Anne Snow, a former UCC student, also uses alcohol in her unconventional home remedy. She drinks black tea with a shot of brandy when she gets bronchitis.

Ingredients for home remedies
Photo by Katie Gray / The Mainstream

Amaris Bowles, a student in UCC’s Police Reserve Academy program, says she drinks apple cider vinegar with hot water or with cranberry juice to help hide the flavor. She also says to drink lots of tea with raw organic, local honey.

For Bowles, going outside for fresh air always helps her. “It’s amazing what fresh air can do,” she says.

Whittley Jo Garcia, one of UCC’s general education graduates, says she puts Vicks on her feet and chest before and wears fuzzy socks to bed.

Rachel Drennen, a UCC nursing student, drinks hot tea two to three times a day. This is usually an herbal tea such as Throat Coat. She says, “It helps open my sinuses and soothes my throat.”

Jenn Williams, a former UCC education student, says she prays a lot, sleeps as she as possible and takes vitamin C supplements. She also diffuses Doterra Onguard essential oil.

Jade Stanford Whightsil, another nursing student, says when she has a sore throat or feels sick, she drinks green tea with honey or a mix of ginger plum tea and lemon tea with honey. She says, “I usually drink one to two glasses a night closer to bed.”

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