UCC student’s Hobbies to try during Spring Break

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Katelyn, who prefers the sobriquet of Katie, Buxton’s macaroons offer a pleasant—and delicious—sight
Photo provided by Katelyn Buxton

UCC student’s Hobbies to try during Spring Break

The Mainstream asked UCC students about their favorite hobbies to inspire readers over spring break.

Rock hounding, argot for rock searching, is really popular in Oregon; it’s a sport that Valen Rodriguez enjoys.

“I have a book I got for my first Christmas in Oregon that has nearly 100 spots in Oregon with detailed directions on how to get there, along with pictures of what you can expect to find there,” Rodriguez says. “It’s a Falcon Guide called Rockhounding Oregon.” Rodriguez also says that he makes pendants and jewelry out of what he finds.

Janine Roza, a UCC geology professor also enjoys rock hounding.  

Oregon has tons of different hiking spots to explore. Not only does Roza enjoy rock hounding, but she also loves hiking and biking, also very popular in Oregon.

Sarah Mann, a UCC student who loves hiking as well, says, “I am excited for spring break, so I am free to engage in my favorite activities. I am going to take my sister and go Jeeping and hiking. We are going to hike at least Grotto Falls and Susan Creek Falls. We also love fishing and kayaking. On adventures like those, I always take my camera; nature photography is another hobby of mine.”

Outside hobbies may not be for everyone. Katie Buxton, a UCC graduate, says, “I’ve been baking cookies and brownies and things for roughly ten years, but early last year I got into some more challenging things like pain au chocolat, macarons and sourdough bread. Most of my Christmas gifts last year were baking supplies.”

Sophavid Choum-Starkey, a UCC student, also started baking and gardening last year during the pandemic and calls it family time or experiment time. Choum-Starkey and her husband watch YouTube together to get fun ideas of what to plant and bake. Choum-Starkey says she gardens and bakes “to embrace positivity and increase quality time with family during the high-stress time (the pandemic) to keep me busy by learning and exploring something new.”

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