Joyce Blair, member of the Cow Creek Tribe, stands in the Tapʰòytʰaʼ Hall, a building with was helped funded by the Tribe after the Oct. 1 2015 shooting.Kamilah Mirza / The Mainstream The Local Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe’s History In the western foothills of the Cascade range, alongContinue Reading

Student activist sues government over climate change impact UCC student Jacob Lebel and a group known as Our Children’s Trust are attacking climate change by suing those who have the power to make a difference, but as of now have not.Continue Reading

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Every Sunday at 1 p.m., a group of students dress up in armor and do battle. The UCC Armored Arts club has an eight month tradition of studying and reenacting battles of yore. They meet in the martial arts room in the Phys. Ed. building on campus, and for someContinue Reading

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Erica Henry not only dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder for her speech class but she arrived in character: on her horse, Misty. The class, Speech 111, taught by Paula Usrey is doing an entertaining speech assignment in their classroom located in the Danny Lang Teaching, Learning & Event Center.Continue Reading