Inexpensive Gifts to Make this Holiday Season

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Christmas decorations to get into the Christmas spirit
Photo provided by Kayela Sartain

Inexpensive Gifts to Make this Holiday Season

College students struggle financially, making buying gifts difficult during the holiday season. Students’ budgets limit the types and number of gifts to buy family and friends.

However, a person’s creativity uncovers more budget-friendly gifts and ideas. Making gifts lowers the cost and creates more sentimental value for loved ones.

A thrifty gift can upcycle household items utilize helpful items from inexpensive stores such as the Dollar Tree. Upcycling can come from all parts of the house. Leftover jars, paper, buttons, toilet paper rolls, old clothing, wine corks and other household items hide in every corner which can be put to new, gift-worthy use.

A Pinterest user created wine cork snowmen, using a wine cork, paper, string, pipe cleaners, and colored holiday balls. The craft does not require many materials, and most items can be found around the house or easily replaced with similar objects.

Unfortunately, people can struggle envisioning crafts from household objects, so buying precise items can make it easier. One idea is to make themed baskets. Baskets fill easily with candy, hot chocolate or coffee, homemade treats, and a more meaningful item for each person.

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Research suggests that giving personalized gifts with out-of-the-box ideas such as going out for the night makes a lasting impression on the other person. “Concert tickets for the music fan in your life, or a gift certificate to a French restaurant for the Francophile in your office can have an impact even long after the experience is consumed, the researchers find,” according to the Wharton University of Pennsylvania website.

These trips and activities don’t have to be expensive. Going for a drive, having a movie night, staying up telling weird stories, and other activities will give friends and family new experiences.

Seeing as the Roseburg community holds many talented crafters, there are countless uniquely made crafts.

Cactus design Christmas blanket
Photo provided by Jessica Broskey

One community member made a fireplace set-up from upcycling and buying materials from the Dollar Tree. “I decided that I wanted to change my theme of Christmas decor but am on a budget, so I know I had to get creative if I wanted to pull it off,” said Kayela Sartain, a Roseburg mother.

In total, her cost for her decorations ended up being about $13 this year. Each Christmas post that she made was $6 and the fireplace only cost her $1 because of her extra materials.

For people who are willing to spend a bit more money, there are other gifts to make that can mean a lot to people. Jessica Broskey made a Christmas blanket with a cactus designed fabric using materials from Joann Fabrics and Crafts. “They are super soft and warm and perfect gifts. It costs about $35 dollars to make this one; however at Joann’s, you can typically find coupons in order to save on the fabrics,” she said.

Given there are so many ways to create gifts, what meaningful gift will you create?

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