The future of forestry education: hands-on experience available from Fire Science and Natural Resources programs at UCC This fall, Umpqua Community College’s Natural Resources program has expanded, adding three new tracks in natural resources: Fish and Wildlife, Forests and Ecosystems, and Conservation Law Enforcement. For Conservation of Law Enforcement, studentsContinue Reading

Fire season is coming. Are you ready? Fire districts are taking extra precautions for the upcoming fire season after last year’s summer and fall fires. The Archie Creek fire alone burned 131,591 acres and destroyed 109 homes. Kyle Reed,  fire prevention specialist and public information officer with the Douglas Forest Protective AssociationContinue Reading

New Babies and Hibernation at Wildlife Safari As spring is approaching in the Wildlife Safari world, that means more babies and animals to see and fawn over. As the days continue to get brighter with sunshine, that also means hibernation for most of the animals is concluding. Bears will soonContinue Reading

Volunteering opportunities available for community during the pandemic  Students applying for jobs, colleges and scholarships often need to find volunteering opportunities for their applications. Volunteering highlights an individual’s time management skills and community involvement, besides being a key way to network within communities.  However, with so many programs cancelled overContinue Reading

Landslip on UCC Campus: Breaking water and power lines A minor landslip occurred at the north side of UCC’s campus, breaking an old water line and an underground power line, cutting off water and power to some campus buildings after heavy rains in the area. The UCC community was notifiedContinue Reading