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Yoga proven to strengthen back and core muscles: relief from back pain

Sitting all day can lead to bad back pain. For those suffering, yoga has been proven to strengthen back and core muscles supporting the back and spine causing relief in back pain. 

According to Spine Health, written by Fred Busch, yoga benefits include strengthening muscles from holding positions, stretching and relaxing muscles, bettering posture and balancing and being more aware of limitations to one’s body. 

This video teaches ten different yoga positions to best prevent and help back pain. By practicing these positions each day, back pain should decrease and even disappear. 

Video by Savannah Peterson / The Mainstream

Sitting for a long period of time can damage the back muscles. According to healthline being in a seated position can hurt the back by having a bad posture. Bad posture causes compression of the spine discs creating a premature degeneration, which can result in chronic back pain. By sitting straight up and not hunching either forward or backward, back pain can also be reduced. 

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